Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cans, Bottles, Tires and Bolts

Do you need to open a paint can, open a bottle or remove a bicycle tire? Have I got a tool for you! It's a cleverly designed lightweight paint can opener that is incredibly useful. Take a look at the picture. I received mine free when I bought a pint of white paint at Hein's Hardware in Port Austin, Michigan. They can be purchased for less than a dollar. The rounded end has pressed edges that open bottles easily. At the other end, the curved edge pries up paint can lids quickly and effortlessly. I also use it to persuade bicycle tires off their rims! It's about five inches long and should be in everyone's tool box. A great find!

One challenge I had this summer: Replacing old toilet seats. This is a job that is pure misery by design. Older seats used metal bolts to hold the seat to the ceramic bowl base. What do you do when the thread of the bolt is hopelessly corroded and the nylon nut will not be moved? Get out your old soldering iron! Maybe I was completely frustrated, but I got results fast! I applied the tip of an old high-heat soldering iron and melted the nylon bolts into a couple of places. A little bit of persuasion with a gas plier broke the plastic nut off in no time. How thankful I am that new seats are supplied with nylon bolts and nuts! One manufacturer, Bemis, now offers a nifty quick remove and replace system allowing you to change seats, without ever bothering with a bolt again, in less than a minute.

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