Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forget Me!

Everything you touch is disposable. Why not you? The new Windows Live Hotmail is ready to erase you permanently! One click and POOF! You are forgotten! Just think what a powerful tool this would be if it really worked on humans. You could erase that old flame, terrorizing teacher or obnoxious boss. Maybe you would choose to disappear from your responsibilities or try to vanish from your most embarrassing moment. Even better: You could lose the obsessive lover you could really do without. (Remember Glenn Close boiling that pet rabbit?) Wouldn't this be a great way to get out of that dreaded staff meeting or holiday party? I think Microsoft might be test marketing their next great application! Microsoft Forget Me - because you don't want to be remembered. It's part of the brand new Microsoft Emo Suite for Windows Vista. Altering reality at stores near you!


Anonymous said...

i'd like to buy that software
there's a few things i'd like to permanently forget

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