Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun for Fall!

Promises made and promises fulfilled. If you haven’t seen it yet, rush to The Broadway Theatre in Manhattan and catch this gem now! Time will run out at the end of the year when stars Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth move on to the next adventures in their careers. Here is the kind of Broadway show you’ll always remember, but just remember its run ends New Year’s Day!

This may be the perfect show. Burt Bacharach and Hal David composed hit after hit for the score. Two new songs have been added to this revival to boost Cheno’s unforgettable performance. Sean Hayes is simply amazing. He reminds me of Donald O’Connor at his peak – a physical and sharp-witted comedian who can sing and dance just as good as he wants.

Promises, Promises has been transformed into a modern tale for 2010 keeping all the best touches of the original show from the late 1960s. I’m old enough to remember both – and this revival could not be fresher. It’s funny and clever and will touch your heart. I saw it again last weekend and a woman behind me wept at the end (so romantic!) See it for yourself! I loved every minute of it.

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