Saturday, September 22, 2007

...#3 Natalie MacMaster

If you want to come back down to earth, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia might be a grand place to land! It is the centre of nouvelle Gaelic culture - a place very close to heaven. While you are there, you might want to hear angels sing (and play fiddle.) May I introduce you to Natalie MacMaster, possibly the finest performer to ever travel The Cabot Trail. Beyond her music, she also has a teaching degree, two honorary doctorates, is a member of The Order of Canada and the mother of two children. A fine lass she is!

Her performances have brought audiences to their feet for nearly 15 years. A live audio CD captured some of her charisma in 2002. Canada's CBC Television aired one of her concerts several Christmases ago, but unless you taped it, the joy slipped through your fingers. At long last, Natalie is releasing a full-length DVD "Live in Cape Breton" on November 6th. It will also be seen across America in March 2008 on PBS. I have already ordered my copy, but I can't wait that long. I'll be catching her on tour next month!

The joy produced by Natalie and her band will make the darkest soul dance! Her energy has no bounds. She is a fine and gifted fiddler, a playful dancer with a voice so versatile. Her sweet voice can portray the saddest lament or the elation of love. Traditional ceilidh music is only the beginning of her repertoire. Natalie loves to stretch her limits with every show. Catch her if you can! (Check out today!) With Natalie's music, what a fine Fall you will have!


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